Frederik Tanghe



Edge is a collection of wall creations in stainless steel. The flat upper side and backside form the basis. I get the inspiration for the shape of these surfaces from observing nature: attractive shapes in the landscape or eye-catching cloud formations. I elaborate these images from different sketches until the design is clear to me in 3D.

I attach the top and rear in an angle of 90 degrees. Then, I fill the sloping front with shaped panels. This is how I breathe life into the object. Ultimately, the object is fully finished with a quality colour paint (RAL colours) or with Dura-Metal (copper or bronze).

Every object in the Edge Collection is unique in terms of dimensions, shape and colour. Even better, it is even physically impossible to create two identical items. This creates a field of tension: you will get new impressions from every angle. It adds dynamics to the room as an eye-catcher.

Would you like to see an Edge in the flesh? Please contact me for an appointment.