Frederik Tanghe

Metal creations with a soul

Metal is living matter

My creations arise from the passion for metal craft. I am always looking for new techniques and applications. From traditional metalworking to artisanal forging techniques I want to master these with the intention of combining these techniques and applying them creatively.

Usable metal art

Metal objects with a function. I like to make collections where every object has a purpose. Tables vases door knobs, clothes hanger created by combining the knowledge of different techniques. Every object must also be qualitative and durable. Every design is well thought out and finished with the greatest precision. All my creations are created in my studio and my hand.
Not only my own collections are carried out in my studio. I am open to assignments both general custom work in metal piece or small series. You can also contact me for possible collaborations for product development.

If I work with metal, I forget the time.

Creating your own designs and then realising them, gives great satisfaction.

Small kitchen knives in the making 10cm blade Pattern welded steel. Pattern already shows. Still lot of work to do. Harding, tempering, sanding, polishing etching, handle placement, handle sanding. #frederiktanghe #usablemetalart #damascussteel #kitchenknives #patternwelding #patternwelded #forged
Handforged ginkgo biloba in red copper #frederiktanghe #ginkgo #forged #metalart #metaldesign
Upcycled knives. Prijs tussen 20 en 45 euro. #usablemetalart #schilmes #upcycling #upcycled #frederiktanghe