Frederik Tanghe

Metal creations with a soul

Metal is living matter

My creative spirit never stops. I am always looking for new applications and techniques. From classic metal processing to forging and designing jewellery. I would like to control them all with the intention to combine these techniques and to apply them in a creative way.

Usable metal art

For me an object must always have a function. For that reason, it must also be qualitative and sustainable. That’s why I mainly work with stainless steel as a base material. Stainless steel is a rigid material to work with, but it is very durable. Each design is highly thoughtful and finished with the highest precision.


All of my creations are created in my studio and are made by me.

If I work with metal, I forget the time.

Creating your own designs and then realising them, gives great satisfaction.

Een foto van de rekken in een totaalplaatje. #interiordesign #frederiktanghe #metaldesign #usablemetalart #hib #frederiktanghe #handmadeinbelgium #metaldesign #metalart
Start van nieuwe deurknoppen. #hib #handmadeinbelgium #metalart #metaldesign #patternwelding #usablemetalart #frederiktanghe