Frederik Tanghe



The Bridge collection is based on the Rakotz bridge in the German town of Kromlau. The Rakotz bridge or Devil’s Bridge was built in 1860 and speaks to the imagination as the stone bridge with its mirrored reflection in the water forms a perfect circle.

Inspired by the perfect shape of the bridge, I’ve created two final designs in stainless steel, finished with Dura-Metal quality paint in bronze or copper colour.

The first model follows the round shape of the bridge including the left and right turn of the bridge. The square brackets refer to the rough stones from which the bridge is built. The object fulfils the function of a coat rack.

The second model is a corner model and space saving. It has the same spherical shape and the same square brackets.

These objects are both made as a limited edition.

Would you like to see a Bridge in the flesh? Please contact me for an appointment.